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Our Class – Wiki So Far

Although I have not started the creation or editing of any wiki pages, I have been conceptualizing what page I would like to create. Previously, I already had an idea to create a wiki on peer to peer file sharing services such as PirateBay, Limewire, MegaUpload BitTorrent, etc. and the recent blog post that we had to do on P2P sharing has solidified my decision.

I would enjoy creating content on this topic because it was something I had learned to use around middle school, but now there are all these ethical issues I would not have thought about in the past. For example, the arrest of the creator of file hosting sevices MegaUpload and Mega (after MegaUpload’s shut down), Kim Dotcom, caused quite a controversy. In addition file sharing/ P2P sites such as Limewire and Napster were shut down by the federal court.