Walt-Z On Out II

Yesterday, the Walt Disney Company announced it would stop producing apparel in Bangladesh after a series of unfortunate events that resulted in the deaths of several garment workers. As a result of such a big name leaving Bangladesh, the countries garment manufacturers are worried that other Western companies would follow suit and this would potentially threaten the economy of Bangladesh and livelihoods of millions of citizens would be at risk. Mohammed Azim, who is a member of the country’s parliament and owns garment factories himself remarks, “The whole nation should not be made to suffer,” in reference to safety concerns that were questioned after separate incidents and “This industry is very important to us. Fourteen million families depend on this. It is a huge number of people who are dependent on this industry.”

Several Western retailers have expressed plans to increase factory safety which means they will have to invest in rather than abandon operations in Bangladesh. However, none have made financial commitments to upgrade unsafe factory buildings or to endorse tougher inspections. So far, the common response of big retailer has been pledging money towards relief efforts in Bangladesh.


Written by Kevin Zhang



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