Glencore CEO Seeks to Win Over Investors With Dividends

Glencore Xstrata Plc, the largest zinc and stream-coal exporter is looking into a new plan to draw in investors to help the company grow. They are currently working with a plan to increase dividend and share buybacks. Glencore Xstrata assures that investors will receive the return they seek because they pride themselves in investing in only assets that give a good return. Ivan Glasenberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Glencore Xstrata states that the company will give good returns even at the cost of downsizing the company or the company taking the loss opposed to the investors. The company may be able to execute this new special dividend plan by as early as 2014 as revenue is expected to exceed analyst expectations, coming in well above the target of $500 million a year.

Glencore Xstrata’s developing plan for special dividends will make investors happy. The appeal of knowing that a company is doing all they can to give back as much as they can to investors is extremely attractive for investors looking to make gains. The fostering of Gencore Xstrata, a mining company forecasts a economic expansion and creation of more jobs.

Written by: Wilson Tang


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