Dow Reaches 15,000 as Jobs Growth Exceeds Forecasts

Since the recession in 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has suffered a significant impact on the index. For the first time, in four years the Dow Jones has hit the 15,000 mark as stocks increased from the boost of confidence in the market. The unemployment rate has been on a decline, as employment was at an all-time low in the last four years. Based on payroll records, as much as 165,000 workers found jobs just last month dropping the jobless rate to 7.5 percent. S&P 500 Stocks were trading 6.6 percent above the 30- day average. The Volatility Index also slid 5.2 percent and has dropped as much as 29 percent this year.
All of these are signs that the economic recovery is heading the right way. The smaller the volatility in the markets, the less uncertainty there is for investors. With the boost in confidence, companies are growing and jobs are being created to stimulate the economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average breaking the 15,000 point will definitely help boosts investor’s confidence in investing.
Written by: Jessica Ho

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