Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet to Offer Google Apps, Gmail

With the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet already competing with Amazon’s Kindle Fire as reading tablets, the Nook is becoming more competitive as they just added Google’s Android app store and services such as Gmail and Google Maps. This addition comes after there were disappointing holiday sales of the Nook devices whose revenue fell twenty-six percent as reported in the month of February. A negative aspect to this addition of Android apps is that now Nook device owners would also be able to buy and read Kindle titles, and digital books from Google Play. This could perhaps lead to an increase in sales of the Kindle titles being sold, which would lead to profit for Amazon. Google in return, is benefitting from both of these companies that use its services and are expanding on mobile devices. Although Barnes & Noble is declining to state the amount of revenue that would be shared with Google, instead it can be assumed that they will be receiving a similar or higher amount compared to how much Amazon shares as well.

This change in the Nook Tablet beginning to offer Google apps, is the beginning of a change in an increase in profits for Google. Whether or not Nook will see an increase in profits is debatable because they are can access Kindle Fire. The economy is overall moving towards a more efficient and easier access, which can allow future innovators and those wanting to seek profit from companies, that own tablet products can start up their own ideas. The trend for Barnes & Noble, with a decrease in their sales shows how companies overall try to earn high profits.

Written by: Samantha Chin

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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