Retailers Wage War Against Long Lines

New technology involving infrared vision to detect body heat above the entrances and cash registers are being used in the supermarket giant, Kroger Co., and has shown a decrease to the customers average wait time to twenty-six seconds. Before these cameras were installed it took an average of four minutes. Retail strategist, Kurt Kendall claimed that since the checkout is the last experience in the store, it is important that they do not have a bad experience or it will affect their overall profits and customers that wouldn’t return. Other stores such as McDonalds and Wal-Mart are also seeking to improve their customer service through the use of technology, where McDonalds plans on using a new ordering system that will pay closer attention to hospitality, and Wal-Mart that is planning to us a “Scan & Go” system. Technology is constantly changing the way customers are shopping in their supermarkets, retail stores, or fast food chains because they are using their mobile devices to make their lives simpler.

This new change in technology allows companies to better their overall profits, as the line wait will decline making more purchases over time.  Not only does the new technology provide efficiency, but it also allows to track and collect data about what items that customers are buying and what times that the lines fill up fast. Overall this provides better business for the American companies that consumers return to after receiving good customer service.

Written by: Samantha Chin

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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