Thats It In a Nut Shell

There is an increasing alliance on natural gas over oil and Royal Dutch Shell Company has more at stake than any other “petroleum player”. In order to obtain the gas more efficiently, more and more companies are supercooling it to turn it into liquid form and then transporting it on special ships. Shell has already invested about $40 billion in liquefied natural gas, or LNG, plus its production plants, storage terminals and related systems, and plans to continue investing their resources into the business.

Shell is placing its bets on locations like Qatar and focusing on bringing gas to energy-hungry destinations like China and Japan. Experts are expecting an initial decline in Shell’s successes because of disruptions in their natural gas reserves Nigeria, but eventually Shell may eventually show big benefits from its natural gas emphasis. S of right now, Shell holds 7 percent of the worlds LNG business, but ambitiously stated that they plan to double that amount through new projects and acquisitions.


Written by Wilson Tang



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