Pentagon Expected to Embrace Apple, Samsung Devices

Smartphone giants, Apple Inc. and Samsung are having their products utilized in our country’s department of defense. The pentagon are integrating new smartphones for their employees. In the coming two weeks, the United States government agencies  will be adding Samsung’s famous galaxy smartphones, along with Apple’s iconic iPhones and iPads. Both Apple Inc. and Samsung have been fighting to enter an industry has been dominantly owned by Research in Motion.

This move could be super beneficial for both Apple and Samsung, since more people will now be using their products and the smartphones will be used in more occasions now. Since the technology will be used in all areas in the U.S. government, it could a way of advertising for Apple and Samsung.

The move for Department of Defense could affect Blackberry and Research in Motion big time, as their sales have dropped significantly the past few years and now Apple and Samsung are taking an area that Research in Motion had the most success in. It will be interesting to see how Blackberry will do in the next coming weeks as their competitors are entering the market that they have been in.

-Derby Ng

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