Fewer, Bigger Travel Sites

The online travel search business is shrinking and shrinking as two main travel agencies, Priceline.com and Expedia.com, are buying out smaller companies. This is shocking because Priceline purchased the airline and hotel search engine Kayak, or when Expedia acquired the German hotel search site Trivago in order to show a more diversified selection.

What this does is creates a larger stream of consumers booking hotel rooms through travel agencies, which will bring more customers to the original hotel website. This provides advantages for both the hotel company and the consumers as it consolidates the range of prices for similar rooms.

There are a couple of problems when Priceline acquired Kayak as there is a conflict of interest for websites now. Expedia won’t advertise for Kayak now because they are now owned by their rival, Priceline.

This affects a large population as many people tend to take vacations or stay in a hotel at various times throughout the year. Expedia has had almost 21 million visitors in March alone. This stat shows that many visitors will be able to benefit from the vast amount of information provided by Expedia and the search engine.

Written By: Melody Mark



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