Detroit Three Zombie Slayers All Gained U.S. Market Share

There is a major shift occurring in the U.S. with the market share of automobiles, and the U.S. manufacturers are taking full advantage of it. After many years of painful turmoil and restructuring, the American vehicle manufacturers are new and improved, ready to win over a larger portion of their domestic markets. Ford, the only major car company spared from bankruptcy, is in the lead with a 17 percent increase in sales. A large portion of the sales are from the F-Series trucks. The Escape and Fusion are selling well also, and Ford is planning to expand its luxury line with the Lincoln.

Chrysler and GM have seen gains as well, which is significant, as this is the first time this has occurred in two decades. Chrysler had a net income drop of 65 percent, but they reaffirmed their long term forecast and put the blame for the drop on temporary issues.

A major macroeconomic issue to observe is how Japanese car companies are going to utilize the change in the Yen’s value to increase their competitiveness. Also, Toyota is currently leading as a major competitor with the Camry. It has held the spot for top sold car in the U.S. for twelve consecutive years.


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