Apple to Sell $17 Billion in Bonds

Apple Inc. set a record amount for a U.S. investment-grade corporate offering on Tuesday. Apple Inc. sold $17 billion of bonds, people familiar with the offering said this offering generated more than $50 billion in new orders. The largest investment-grade corporate offering before Apple Inc.’s move today was a $16.5 billion offering back in February of 2009. Apple’s stockpile of cash is now extremely large and most of their money are overseas. 

From the many investors that Apple has, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Deutsche Bank AG are leading the sales of the offering. One of the top reasons that has influenced Apple to make this move is that the move will now put them in debt and by being in debt, Apple Inc. could escape some of their tax duties. 

This may be a smart move for Apple and hopefully the sales of their products will be a huge success in the next coming few months. I can’t be picture Apple doing poorly after their success in the past few years.

-Derby Ng

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