A Rocky Rollout

President Barack Obama’s health care law is already showing signs of a “rocky rollout” as officials are rushing to prepare for it’s implementation. The main goal of this bill is to provide health care to uninsured Americans, a noble intention but one that has been vividly opposed by many republicans due to its associated costs. The main funding for this health care system has been federal grants which help states run their own insurance exchanges although this has created several issues. New York spends $27 million for its own exchange while Ohio does not run its own program; Ohio is set to receive $2.2 million in federal funding, a figure which will unlikely be sufficient to cover the state’s 1.5 million uninsured.

Republicans view Obamacare as “a politcal tsunami” and called it a “political nightmare for Democrats in the 2010 election.” There have been hiccups in its implementation which are not serious enough to derail it but has caused concerns of “a huge train wreck” if federal officials do not step up their preparations.

Evan Chang


The Wall Street Journal


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