S&P 500 Notches a Record

It has been a few years since our 2008 recession, and signs that the market has been showing has been positive for our investors. Today, S&P 500, closed at a record high. S&P rose 11.37 points to their record 1593.61. NASDAQ and the Dow Jones had already been doing well in recent months. As for the S&P 500, tech companies had been performing extremely well. Blue-Chip companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and IBM rose in a high percentage. Their success could be a result of their earnings meeting expectations if not exceeding them.

S&P 500 is usually as a standard measurement on how the market has been performing, since the companies on their index had been performing decently. If they continue to do so, the outlook of our economy could be extremely positive for our future. As an undergraduate like myself and my peers, hopefully this market would continue to grow and recover.

I hope not only do tech companies perform better but all of the companies. This will boost our economy and hopefully make it easier for me to get a job to when I graduate.

-Derby Ng



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