That Ain’t Gonna Fly Around Here

After a harrowing weak of air traffic slowdowns, today the Federal Aviation Administration finally announced that it would end the furloughing of its employees. By furloughing, I mean the unpaid leave the employees had to take while President Obama duked it out with Republicans to see who was to blame. On Friday, Congress finally approved legislation that would relieve the nation’s air traffic control systems from the big spending cuts that result in big consequences such as the aforementioned furloughs, which lead to widespread flight delays.

According to the FAA, normal service should resume by Sunday evening which is good, but on the other hand, President Obama and Republicans could not reach an agreement as to how to minimize the damage caused by budget cuts. Noted by President Obama, passengers were rightly frustrated by the delays and “Maybe because they fly home each weekend, the members of Congress who insisted these cuts take hold finally realized that they actually apply to them, too.” Lastly, the legislation passed by Congress would allow the  transportation secretary flexibility to shift as much as $253 million to the air traffic control system in an effort to return all staff.

Written by Kevin Zhang


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