LivingSocial Hack Exposes Data for 50 Million Users

LivingSocial which gives users daily deals has recently been hacked. During this breach the hackers have gained various data on over 50 million users. These online criminals stole e-mail addresses, user names and dates of birth for many users. Fortunately for all the users and the company, none of the credit card or banking information was stolen. This however, does not mean the information stolen was not valuable. The various passwords, usernames, and birth dates still have value. A single password even though encrypted can sell for twenty dollars on the black market.

LivingSocial is not the only website that has recently experienced a cyber attack. Popular websites like Twitter, Facebook and even Apple have been under attack by various hackers.

LivingSocial have been resetting the passwords and alerting consumers of the recent attack. Also they hashed and salted the customer’s passwords which means they scrambled the passwords and added random digits to make hacking harder. I think this is extremely important as the various information that could have been obtained is very valuable and could be abused if in the wrong hands. That corruption could affect the lives, credit, financial stability of many people.

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