Apple Returning $55 Billion to Investors as Forecast Trails

Apple whose growth has been slowly declining over a period of time said they will return $55 billion to shareholders to compensate for the declining stocks. Rated as AA+ by Standard & Poor’s the stock is not doing as predicted. Based on the reported financial figures, Apple stocks have dropped 24% since this year. Apple sales are also lower than anticipated especially with the release of the Galaxy S4 which has stolen a portion of the market share. With Investors worried, Apple plans to release new products later this year. Compared to Samsung which has a wide variety of products, Apple is much more limited. Apple has reported that the company is currently working on new products such that involve televisions and watches.

One of the fastest growing companies is now on the path of decline. With the release of new and more innovative products by competitors it is a lot more common to see customers are switching over to Samsung and Google operated devices. Investing into a wide variety of unique products is definitely a smart investment on Apple’s part because having options and variety is what’s driving customers away from Apple to Samsung and Google operated devices.

Written by: Wilson Tang


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