An Immoral World?

The conflict in Syria has been raging since 2011, leaving the death toll at approximately 120,000 and displacing over 1.2 million people. Over these two years of the Syrian conflict, there has been pressure for the US to intervene although many Democrats and Republicans in Washington are wary of entering another engagement. Sen. John McCain however has been critical of President Obama’s policy on Syria, voicing his opinion that the U.S. should “support a no-fly zone with unmanned aircraft to protect civilians and rebels.” Officials believe that any intervention would indubitably result in the loss of American personnel, especially after Russia assistance in the development of Syria’s air-defense system.

The lack of intervention by any nation in the Syrian conflict is a sad reflection of our world. U.S. officials believe that involvement in the conflict will lead to revocation of Russian air-space use, which would make it harder for the U.S. to access to Afghanistan. President Obama said that the use of chemical weapons by President Assad’s regime could “trigger” U.S involvement but there is already evidence this has already happened. No nation is willing to spend the money to intervene because there is nothing to gain; the world will sit by as it did during the Rwandan Genocide as the death toll continues to rise.

Evan Chang

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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