Verizon Price Gap: $30 Billion

One of the largest global joint ventures might come to an end in the near future, as the dynamic duo in telecommunications are planning on a buy out. Verizon Wireless and Vodafone group, the two companies have been in a joint venture for a long time but their dispute comes in the issue of the buy out. 

There has not been an official made by either company but there has already been many disagreements in terms of pricing, Verizon has planned on a bid worth over $100 million dollars but Vodafone believes that it is worth around $130 million. 

If Verizon is willing to executive this deal with the approval of Vodafone, it would be one of the largest mergers in history. Vodafone is a giant cellular company outside of the United States and with these assets, it could make Verizon an even bigger company. 

-Derby Ng

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