Your Move

If anyone has watched “The Minority Report”, they probably remember the motion controlled computers that Tom Cruise used.  Now, that may no longer be restricted to the realm of fiction. The world’s largest PC maker, HP, has tried to embrace motion sensing technology and its impact may be akin to the same way that Apple Inc made touch-screen technology mainstream with the 2007 launch of the iPhone. Leap Motion, a three-year-old firm with less than 100 employees in San Francisco, manufactures motion sensors the size of a pack of gum and claims the ability to track the individual movements of 10 fingers with 1/100th of a millimeter precision. This unit can be plugged into any computer to enable the usage of applications and software designed to be used with motion control sensors.

Under a deal with HP, Leap Motion’s products will be sent out with HP products and then in the future, the technology would be directly embedded into HP products. According to Ron Coughlin, a senior vice president of HP, “Consumers want to go to the next level when creating and interacting with digital content,” and  “Leap Motion’s groundbreaking 3-D motion control combined with HP technology and amazing developer apps will create incredible user experiences.”

Written by Evan Chang



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