Corporate News: CBS Makes Inroads in TV Streaming With Syncbak Stake

As time passes we see more and more of a consumer interest in things on the go. For example food, news, games, and even movies and television shows are all becoming mobile. However, many of the television shows we have on our mobile devices are streamed illegally or without the permission of the broadcast TV station. Despite the loss of sales and overall negative effect of streaming, major TV stations like CBS Corp. are taking a different spin on the subject. They are trying to integrate the consumer demand of streaming into their service to create future growth opportunities.

CBS Corp. has recently invested in Syncbak which is a company that allows TV stations to stream programming to consumers over the Web. With this technology, “broadcasters can fight unauthorized internet distribution of their content.”

I believe this technology if implemented correctly will be a big selling point for major television shows. All of us have a favorite show or series and most of the time we are never up to date. This technology can enable us to stream directly from the provider insuring its quality, and legality.


-Jonathan Chan

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