Apple Has an Identity Crisis

It feels like Apple, Inc. makes the news every day ever for the past decade and for the most part they have been involved with positive news. For much of recent weeks, the news for Apple hasn’t been anything to write home about. Their expected first quarter earnings is expected to show decline for the first time for a decade. Ever since their stock peaked late last year, Apple hasn’t seen much of success and now the company doesn’t even know what company they are trying to be.

Rather they are a hardware or software company, Apple has to distinct themselves again from their competitors. Their best sellers, iPhones and iPads could die out as fast as they came, as more of their competitors are trying to make similar products and eventually iPads will be seen as a commodity.

It’s interesting to see when Apple will release their new phone and if that will help out their stocks and shareholders in the near future. Apple has been around for years and I am sure they could find a way to once again distinct themselves from the rest of the pack.

-Derby Ng

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