Apple Averts Import Ban After Motorola Patent Case Win

Apple and Google have been disputing about patents rights to gain a competitive advantage over the smartphone industry. There have been plenty of legal cases targeted at each company and the latest one involves Apple using the technology of Motorola Mobility’s phone censor. If the claim was valid, Apple would have faced import issues with their iPhones but the judge has not found any violation from Apple. If the iPhones faced import issues, it could have been problematic for Apple since a large portion of their revenue comes from their iPhones. The iPhones generated $78.7 billion in sales last year. Even though Google has acquired over 17,000 patents, the senor patent was the only case left that involved Apple. Although Apple was not charged with infringement, Apple wants to appeal that a patent on over touchscreen technology is not valid.

Apple and Google being the two largest companies in the smartphone industry will inevitably come across problems with each other and rather than filing claims that end up being tossed out, they can use this fierce competition as motivation to innovate more than the other company. Judges know that iPhones are popular and are a large part of commerce so they usually pay more attention to the cases, making it more difficult for Google to win a case.

Written by: Wilson Tang


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