Germany’s Slow Recovering Automobile Industry

The economy of countries in the Euro-zone are not doing very well, especially in the automobile industry. Germany is the Euro-zone’s leader in the automobile Industry and large contributor to their economy, it has been seeing decreases in automobile sales. Recently Germany has seen a decrease in sales of 12.9% compared to that of 2012. Car sales in the UK have also not been doing well, although they have done better as the years progress, they still have yet to reach back to their high point in 2003.

The Euro-zone has not been doing well and if the German Car industry is not doing good as well then the Euro-zone should really reconsider its monetary policies. The Euro-zone is having a large negative impact on the global economy, and since this topic has been coming up a lot lately especially with Japan and it’s new monetary policy, the Euro-zone should really rethink their policies.

Written by: Jessica Ho
Source: The Wall Street Journal


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