Budget Cuts Threaten to Worsen Air Delays

After the sequester of the budget cuts for air-traffic controllers passed by the Federal government went in effect for the first day, plenty of flight delays has already happened. As Monday comes, only more trouble and traffic is expected to happen as heavier traffic is expected during weekdays. 

Two of the most congested airports in New York City has already gave out delay warnings for J.F.K. and La Guardia, as busy airports take on more delays and heavier traffic, the Airlines will be the ones taking the most damage. 

I am curious to see how these budget cuts will affect Airline’s stocks and shares in the coming week. As so many businesses require their employees to fly to different cities throughout the week, will the delays have a huge effect on the economy or will our newest technologies help us get through geographical differences. These budget cuts could mean more savings for the government but it could also mean Airlines will take a cut in their revenue as their flights get delayed. We will see how they do in the next coming weeks and maybe changes will be made.

-Derby Ng


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