Big Data, Trying to Build Better Workers

As time passes we see an everlasting push for innovation, this is especially true when looking at hiring, promotion and career planning. This new technology, named Work-force science, compiles large amounts of data analysis called Big Data. This data consists of e-mails, instant messages, phone calls, and even mouse clicks. All of these combined can potentially allow companies to hire more efficient workers.

Companies believe Big Data is a valuable asset, therefore many companies like I.B.M have been acquiring companies that hire and train like, Kenexa to survey and assess job applicants. Companies like Google are moving away from numbers and grades, and are implementing data-driving decision making when hiring. Google believes its most innovative workers are those who are “happiest,” which are those who have a strong sense of mission about their work.

This new push toward using Big Data can making the hiring process more scientific and a lot less subjective. This transition lowers the risk in hiring as many companies won’t be hiring on a gut feeling. This affects us directly because we are all going to go through the hiring process and maybe one day we’ll be taking multiple surveys instead of multiple interviews.


-Jonathan Chan


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