Fund’s Debut in Thailand Raises Hopes for Other Share Sales

Southeast Asia’s stock markets have been doing well in the past months.  Various companies in Thailand have had their initial public offerings this year. Companies like BTS Rail Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure (BTS) had stock prices that rose 13% when the stock market closed on Friday. Its I.P.O. is the largest in Southeast Asia this year. The performance of the stock market reflects the country’s economy. Thailand has been investing more money in infrastructures that will benefit their citizens directly. These infrastructure companies also depend on their I.P.O. to fund their projects. Other companies that plan to go public are airlines, power producers, industrial developers, and banks.

Analysts have calculated that Thailand’s stock market has risen 9.9% thus far since January. Because of the economy’s performance, private investment companies are reaching out to these companies and planning to invest in them. Banks such as Citigroup and Goldman Sachs also plan to hire more people because of the increase in jobs available in their fast-growing economy.

Written By: Melody Mark


Reuters. “Fund’s Debut in Thailand Raises Hopes for Other Share Sales.” The New York Times. The International Herald Tribune, 20 Apr. 2013. Web. 20 Apr. 2013.

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