Toyota Said To Plan Lexus Plant In Kentucky

As automobile companies continue to expand, Toyota wants to expand its operations at Kentucky. Currently, they have their luxury line- Lexus sedan. Rumors are, they plan to add a new line to Lexus. Kentucky offered Toyota $146.5 million in state and tax incentives because they want this automobile company to establish plants in the state. Toyota is restructuring its company to attract the younger audience with its luxury line. The new Lexus line includes better, bolder designs, safer features, and more powerful engines. These are the various aspects that younger consumers are searching for when purchasing a new automobile. Kentucky wants Toyota’s operations in the state because of the number of job opportunities it will provide. There is an estimate of 6,100 full-time jobs if Toyota decides to expand. They also plan to expand in Ontario. The focus of the company is to be consumer’s No.1 choice in the automobile industry.

If operations expand in Kentucky, Toyota will be able to reduce costs and still attract consumers. As the market expands, Toyota will also be able to increase market share within its niche.

Written By: Constantine Kostikas

Source- New York Times



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