Rise in U.S. Gas Production Fuels Unexpected Plunge in Emissions

As our country is making more electricity with natural gas instead of coal, the amount of carbon-dioxide emissions has decreased dramatically. Through the Energy Information Administration, the greenhouse gas that is assumed to be a factor to global warming, has fallen 12% within seven years. The biggest contribution to the decline of the carbon emissions is considered to be because of the switch from coal to natural gas for electricity generation. This beneficial change to the overall environment began in 2005 where drilling technologies have found a larger and inexpensive supply of fuel.   The United States and China are both being criticized by European officials for a lack of political involvement in reducing the carbon-dioxide emissions. Many groups in favor of reducing the green-house gas emissions, are pushing for making deeper reductions, as well as work on making process in reducing global warming.

I think that although there is a drop in carbon emissions, the release of methane from natural gas wells and pipelines should be considered since it contributes to climate change. To every shift that occurs in trying to protect our environment, there is always another downside or connection that leads to a negative affect. It is better to outweigh the pros and cons when changing the way our environment will be affected.

Written by: Samantha Chin

Source: The Wall Street Journal




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