Kimberly-Clark’s Profit Rises 13%

Just as most companies are reporting positive earnings for the first quarter, Kimberly-Clark has joined the fiesta. The makers of our every day supply such as Kleenex and Huggies, reported a 13% in increase of their first quarter earnings. Kimberly-Clark’s shares hit an all-time high as a result of high profit margins and cost cuts. One of the biggest increases for Kimberly-Clark is the success of Huggies diapers sales in China, it rose 50% and also rose 10% in Russia. For the period, Kimberly-Clark reported $531 million in profits a huge increase from $468 million of last year.

Kimberly-Clark changed their strategies to focus on markets such as China, Russia and Brazil rather than a poor economy in most of Europe. I believe that Kimberly-Clark’s management team are doing a good job since their performance has been better than ever. Hopefully the trend continues for them and one day I will be a consumer for their Huggies diapers for my kids.

-Derby Ng 

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