Subway Tops McDonald’s as No. 1 Worker Lunch Spot

Certify, an expense report management software company, has revealed that Subway beat McDonald’s as the most popular lunch destination for workers in the first quarter.  The two fast food restaurants were followed by Starbucks and Panera Bread.  Despite having 25,870 locations in the U.S., in comparison to the 14,160 nationwide McDonald’s locations, Subway is only now taking the lead; McDonald’s was still the leader in 2012.  Robert Newveu, Chief Executive Officer of Certify noted that workers don’t take advantage of their expense accounts because they simply need something to eat on the go.

The popularity of fast food restaurants among workers isn’t particularly surprising, but Subway’s progress is.  McDonald’s has been a dominating force in the fast food industry for years, so seeing Subway take the lead in any key consumer demographic is a major step for the company.

On a side note, this trend also speaks volumes about the eating habits of Americans.  The convenience of fast food continues to have an overwhelmingly negative affect on Americans’ health.

Written by: Constantine Kostikas


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