Budweiser’s New Way to Give You Less Bud For Your Money

Budweiser after being dethroned of the top two beers in the United States has been struggling to find new ways to attract customers and generate a higher revenue with the hopes of obtaining the top two spots again for Anheuser Busch.

Their latest strategy is a new design for their beer cans, this new unique design is very interesting. The can is shaped as a bowtie similar to their logo, the bowtie has been Budweiser’s symbol for many years. What is also interesting about this new design is that, they are now giving less beer with each can. It is no longer the traditional twelve ounce can but now is a 11.3 ounce can. Their new design is said to be an attractive can and it will hopefully appeal to more younger adults and these new cans are said to be in stores beginning in May.

I am excited to see these new cans, but I don’t think the price should stay the same if they are giving less beer. But a new design might give some of us a new experience with drinking the old King of Beer.

-Derby Ng


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