American Economy Goes Downhill

After the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been hitting highs for the past few weeks, the Dow is now moving back down. The Dow Jones has been going down two days in a row, and has seen a drop of 0.6%. On Monday the Dow saw its biggest drop so far this year. On Wednesday Blue Chip stocks had also seen a drop of 138 points. Large companies such as Apple, EBay and Microsoft have also seen a decrease in the value of their stocks.

The economy seems to have been recovering in prior weeks, but the information that was recently released is showing the opposite. Stocks are now starting to drop, and these trends are currently very unpredictable. Not only is the stock market not doing well, but the recent reports on employment have also indicated that not much improvement has been made. These trends can be a bad sign for investors, and if investors do not feel that the market is doing well they are less likely to invest and ultimately leading to an even larger downfall in the economy.

Written by: Jessica Ho
Source: The Wall Street Journal

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