Ford Outsells Toyota in China as $4.9 Billion Bet Pays

Ford’s earlier decision to move into global markets has shown positive outcomes. The Ford Focus has helped Ford Motor Co. increase sales by 54%. The figure also exceeds that of Toyota Motor Corp., a long-term competitor. A reason for this is the political tension between China and Japan. Another reason for this progress is Ford’s decision to expand its operations to global markets such as China. CEO Alan Mulally suggests that their goal is to generate one-third of the company’s sales from Asia by 2020. He also plans to invest more money into developing new models. The profitability of this large market has also surpassed that of Europe.

Mulally’s decision to expand Ford Motor’s market into Asia has benefited the company in many aspects. The restructuring of the company’s operations has shown many positive results. Continuous innovation and expanding markets will provide Ford with an opportunity to gain more market share. They also keep competition within the market in check.


Written By: Melody Mark


Naughton, Keith. “Ford Outsells Toyota in China as $4.9 Billion Bet Pays.” Businessweek. Bloomberg L.P., 15 Apr. 2013. Web. 16 Apr. 2013.


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