AMC Shifts a Series to Saturdays, but Not to Kill It

As much as I enjoy my Saturday, your favorite show and channels do not. For the past decade, Saturday nights are where many shows go to die. Therefore many channels only move shows to Saturday if they see a large drop in ratings or a hopeless future. Since only “bad” shows are aired on Saturday, AMC believes there is an opportunity they can take advantage of. They believe there is a large target market of males that enjoy western shows. For this reason, which they have data behind, they have moved their established western series, “Hell on Wheels.”

In addition to Hell on Wheels, they have acquired another classic called “Rawhide” which features Clint Eastwood when he was younger. To go along with the western themed Saturdays, they will show classic movies and shows like “Hondo,” “High Plains,” and “The Rifleman.”

I think this move is smart because of the opportunity AMC sees. However I do not agree with the shows and genre they are using. Although it is to appeal to men ages 25-54, I feel like westerns are overplayed. Instead of a whole day marathon, maybe they should consider playing them on Saturday nights.


-Jonathan Chan


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