Corporate News: Google Makes EU Concessions — Web Giant to Alter Search-Engine’s Look to Allay Concerns It Is Hurting Rivals

Google has recently agreed to a proposal by the European Union antitrust lawyers. Google Inc. has been blamed for using its Web-search engine to hurt competitors. This proposal will last for a period of five years and also a neutral third party will ensure Google’s compliance. When this initiates, Google will  only slightly change in Europe. The search engine will remain the same in the U.S and the rest of the world. Interestingly enough, although Google is only changing slightly in Europe, Europe holds an even larger market share in Web Search that in the America.

The only change this proposal  includes is  Google’s growing practice of posting links in search results that lead users to their own specialized sites. Google+ local-business listings for example has been accused of hogging more and more Web traffic which in turn hurts websites like Yelp. This proposal is to merely check if Google is hogging consumers. In Google’s proposal they will be posting three links to rival non-Google sites every time it promotes one of its own specialized sites.


-Jonathan Chan

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