Lion Air 737 Crashes Into Sea Off Bali With 108 on Board

Lion Air Company, a growing airline company in Indonesia has suffered a deadly blow to their reputation. In a recent accident, a Boeing 737 aircraft used by the company, carrying 108 passengers crashed into the sea during the expected landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport. On board were 95 adults, 5 children, an infant and 7 crew members. 53 people were reported to have suffered minor injuries and the rest was not disclosed. The Boeing 737 is damaged beyond repair, and reportedly split into two which means the air craft is a “total loss”. Considering Lion Air is the biggest airline company in Indonesia, partnership plans in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam might be halted.

With all the recent news involving aircrafts and failing systems, many people are already skeptical about taking planes. Airline companies should be more cautious and make sure everything is going well, ensuring passenger safety as priority. The recent incident will put more pressure on the company and possibly slow down their growth as potential partnerships will be delayed due to news and media.

Written by: Wilson Tang



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