U.S Reports Lower Than Expected Retail Sales Data

The potential growth in the retailing business in the United States has been a slump since report of retail sales index has fallen 0.4 percent. Economists has expected the report to have a near neutral, unchanged report for march retail sale. The .4 percent decrease in retail sales has brought shock since this decrease is the lowest since June of last year.

Among the categories of retail sale, the lowest performing sectors were department stores and electronics. There was a 1.2 percent drop for merchandise outlet along with a 1.6 percent decrease in electronics dealer.

Employment in the United States has picked up in job employment but at a too slow of a rate. According to the Labor Department, payroll only grew by 88,000 last month, which is also the smallest increase in payroll increase since June. The Stock-index futures has also taken an impact on this new; Standard and Poor 500 index, set to mature in June, has dropped .3 percent to 1,582.4.

Written by: Victor To

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-12/retail-sales-in-u-s-dropped-in-march-by-most-in-nine-months.html


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