Stuck In Limbo

Being in a country with a temporary work visa, wondering when one would get permanent residence is a common issue faced by guest workers from abroad. Silicon Valley, America’s high tech center,  is fighting to make the immigration process easier for thousands of people such as Mr. Sankhla, a electrical engineer from India. Having to remain in limbo in a sense, he remarks “It’s a constant distraction, you can’t really settle down because your visa status is uncertain.”

Surprisingly, the industry has shown intense focus on this national policy issue, even Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and John Chambers of Cisco have taken part in advocating changes. It appears that their efforts have paid off because a group of eight senators have prepared negotiations for a new immigration deal that will be announced next week. The current law limits how many green cards can be issued to people from any single country, no matter how many people there are, so highly populated countries such as China and India wait longer for permanent residence, more so than any others.

Written by Kevin Zhang


Sengupta, Somini. “Tech Firms Push to Hire More Workers From Abroad.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 12 Apr. 2013. Web. 12 Apr. 2013. <;.


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