Bieber Backs A Debit Card For Teenagers, From Parents

Understanding the value of a dollar is crucial in one’s life. It can teach you to be responsible, mature and can elevate your decision making skills. To alleviate this growing phenomenon, SpendSmart Payments Company is offering a prepaid debit card specifically for teenagers. They believe this card will teach the value of money and will show the importance of managing your money. SpendSmart Payments Company was originally named BillMyParents, however that name was misinterpreted by a large amount of people. Many people interpreted that parents were ATM’s and that they could spend freely while their parents pick up the bill. This of course is not the message they are trying to get across.

To really put their company on the map, SpendSmart Payments Company hired superstar Justin Bieber to create videos advertising the prepaid debit card. SpendSmart and Bieber are planning on using social media to promote the product. Bieber will post the advertisement videos on his Youtube, his Facebook Page, and also his Twitter. Justin Bieber has millions of subscribers on all 3 of those social media platforms.


-Jonathan Chan

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