McDonald’s Tackles Repair of ‘Broken’ Service

McDonald’s Corp. is battling a challenge with a long-term issue of their poor customer service.  Their sales have slipped last year and plan on improving their staff due to the large amount of complaints on their rude or unprofessional employees. The company’s new focus has moved to customer satisfaction to build the brand on sales and to maximize their potential. After missing two consecutive quarters in the Wall Street’s earnings expectations, the company in the past has stuck to its strategy of remodeling and tidying up restaurants and introducing new menu items.  McDonalds ranks low among its competitors such as Wendy’s Co. and Chick-fil-A that have among the top friendliness ratings.

Although the service received at McDonald restaurants will vary depending where customers go, it is important that they resolve this issue of large complaints about their customer service. The relationship between a company and its consumers is a crucial factor to determining the sales and profits of the company, because the company can decline with less foot traffic in their restaurants. McDonald’s should definitely focus more on building a better customer service or their competitors will surpass them in sales.

Written by: Samantha Chin

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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