Facebook’s New Friend, A Phone To Relearn

Facebook is coming out with new software which essentially replaces your home screen and lock screen for certain phones running on the Android operating system. Phones like HTC (One and One X),  Samsung (Galaxy S III, S 4 and Note II) and the new HTC First, are the first ones to be compatible with the new software called Home. Home replaces the standard home and lock screen on the phones and replaces it with your Facebook news feed which includes pictures and texts. Later on Facebook will add video posts and also advertisements.

With this innovation comes controversy dealing with the layout, motives and overall reasoning. For this new home screen and lock screen layout you will be sacrificing many of the traditional features you are used to having. The time display, signal strength, battery life, apps, wallpaper, and all of your favorite gadgets are now relocated for the new Home. This is controversial because many critics do not see the point in sacrificing all these essential functions on the home screen for Facebook’s custom company version. Another point that is controversial is the use of ads that may be plastered on your home and even lock screen. I think that this innovation is unnecessary because of the sacrifices you give up for a more expedient Facebook experience.


-Jonathan Chan

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