Mercedes Benz Expands Their Market Vision

Mercedes Benz’s parent company, Diamler AG, is expanding the range of vehicles offered in their attempt to regain majority ownership of the luxury-car market. The main competition that Mercedes-Benz tries to defeat is Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) and Audi. Their vision to gain higher sales and profit is by expanding the consumer market to not only the wealthy class but also to the younger crowd with a tighter budget. The switch may come from the sales record seen in previous years, where in 2005 BMW has taken the top sales position in luxury car along with car manufacture Audi, which has taken second spot in sales in 2011.  

Mercedes Benz introduced the product line of CLA class cars that is said to launch in the United States in September to gain attention from the younger consumer market. The Mercedes Benz CLA is set at a price point of $29,900 that undercuts BMW’s 3-Series line of car, which starts at $32,550, and Audi’s A4 model car, which starts at $32,500.

The expansion of this new line of car will offer appeal to younger consumer that will potentially regain lost market shares from BMW and Audi car companies.

Written by: Victor To


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