Inside Trading Strikes Again

Big four company KPMG has recently been under fire for an insider trading case. The people involved with this case have been recently identified as Bryan Shaw and Scott London. London was receiving information and passing this information to Shaw, helping Shaw earn a lot of money from investing. London was also found to be trading information with someone from his golf club. Shaw and London had both admitted to the mistake and understand they do have performed in an unethical manner, while Shaw is sending out public apologies and accepting the consequences, London simply said that he would stop trading information with Shaw.

The issue of insider trading comes up yet again, it seems that there is always someone getting sued for these unethical practices. The fact that Bryan Shaw is able to admit his mistakes and suffer the consequences deserves attention. Many investors who take part in insider trading fail to acknowledge their wrong doings and instead pay a large settlement fee.

Written by: Jessica Ho
Source: The Wall Street Journal


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