GM Tests Mobile Facebook Ad

About a year ago, General Motors Co. chose to not use the social networking website, Facebook to advertise, but recently they began a test marketing program for its Chevrolet Sonic.  General Motors Co. dropped Facebook as an advertising resource in May 2012. They intend on using a mobile advertising approach through Facebook as part of its ‘Find New Roads’ campaign. Since Facebook allows advertisers to target certain audiences with their new audience targeting tools, in which Facebook joined together with data companies that track shopper loyalty programs to tie their users to their shopping habits.  Chevrolet is only focusing on a mobile-only campaign in which using social media websites would definitely play a huge role in reaching out to their audience.

I believe that social media plays a huge role when influencing people’s decision when they are purchasing something in the market. Since Facebook is able to collect data and see what ads are unique that attracts the customer, it would hurt a company such as General Motors Co., to not use social networking as an outlet to advertise. I think that by using social networks as a connection and understanding of their customers, it can be very valuable to companies and future sales.

Written by: Samantha Chin

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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