Airlines Weigh The Pounds

It seems like when you speak of airlines and air plane tickets, you are always about your weight. But the weight you are accustomed to think of is usually the baggage weight because when you go over a certain amount number, you will be charged a fee to bring your luggage on to the plane. The weight that I will be talking about isn’t the one you are thinking of, it actually is your own weight.

According to this article from New York Times, South Pacific airline Samoa Air provides is a system called pay by your weight system. So there is a cost depending on your weight range. So being skinny might actually have benefits outside of health benefits.

This might mean a longer waiting time for people booking their ticket a few months before their trip and once they get to the airport they might not be the same weight. But I do think this new system will catch the attention of the consumers of the skinnier side. I guess we all have diet goal that we should be shooting for, if we want a cheaper flight.

-Derby Ng

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