The Apps Fall Far From Apple’s Tree

Apps have revolutionized the way people communicate, travel, eat, and in general live. Although the popularity of apps are much due to Apple’s iPhone, their apps account for a very small percentage of actual app usage. Facebook and Google on the other hand are very prominent in the market when it comes to non-game apps. However when it comes to popularity, games dominate the market by revenue. Most notably Candy Crush Saga is no. 1. According to comScore tracks app usage, Facebook’s app consumes about 1/5 of the time U.S smartphone users spend on their devices. This does not even include Instagram or Facebook’s Messenger.

Facebook has become so popular HTC is in the midst of creating a smartphone with a Facebook-themed home screen. If this is successful, the amount of mobile users will skyrocket. This will lead to a huge increase in advertising revenue for Facebook. I think this is a big wake up call for Apple because although they sell a very popular phone, they don’t have many popular apps.


-Jonathan Chan

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