H.P. Shakes Up the Server

Hewlett-Packard is planning to go a new route with their new innovative technology. Their new low power chips could be a multibillion business. The new chips uses 89% less energy, 80% smaller than the average size today and will cost only 23% as much. This new technology also allows Hewlett-Packard to update new versions of servers every couple of months opposed to years making this technological approach much more efficient.  As technology is growing, more computing takes place online so the market for this server is continuously growing as a rapid rate. Thee servers will have different types of performance characteristics that cater to specific business needs. Businesses will have the option of mixing and matching servers to their specific demands.

In my opinion Hewlett- Packard has a bright future ahead of them. The new technology will help the company grow. Companies can now personalize their servers by mixing and matching different characteristics that is ideal for their business, which would be very appealing for different businesses. Their new low power chips would also bring in a lot of appeal for customers who are looking to save energy at a low cost.

Written by: Wilson Tang




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