Chief Tries to Infuse Yahoo With a Start-Up’s Spirit

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, has been buying start-ups in an effort to appeal to a younger generation.  Yahoo! is know for having missed the opportunities that came along with the popularization of social networks and mobile devices.  Along with the missed opportunities has come a loss of advertisers and employees to rivals like Facebook and Google.  The Internet company has failed to take advantage of past acquisitions like Flickr and Delicious, which has only added to the pioneer’s downfall of sorts.

Mayer is looking to change Yahoo!’s past struggles.  She has bought six start-ups for tens of millions dollars and has personally been involved in figuring out how to integrate them into the company.  Since Mayer first took the job of CEO, founders and contributors of Yahoo!’s start-up acquisitions have noticed a change in attitude.  Yahoo! has become a company that cares more about its developers now than it has in the past, which is good for its reputation among young developers.  Overall, Mayer seems to be taking the company in the right direction.

Written by: Constantine Kostikas

Source: The New York Times


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