What’s Worth Buying at Fisker?

Few years back, many experts in the auto making industry thought the electrics cars would become a huge hit and dominate the market share of cars but little did we know, it wasn’t going to perform as well. 

Fisker Automotive, one of the more famous electric auto makers are laying off 150 of its 200 staff. With the help of the department of Energy from the United States government, Fisker still isn’t performing to their full potential. The department of energy lent Fisker $337 million to help with their business. Apparently this amount of money isn’t enough for them to function well. 

I personally think Fisker’s cars are very nice and they have unique designs, but electric cars are just not the ideal cars to have. The long charge times and battery not lasting long enough for road trips might be the reason why they are not performing well. Maybe in the future someone will invent an electric car without flaws. 

-Derby Ng


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