Boeing’s 787 Takes Flight to Assess New Battery

The Boeing Company has been receiving bad publicity for their batteries catching on fire during flights. The lithium- ion batteries were reported to fail and cause fires in a couple of cases so the Boeing Company’s recent proposal to fix the situation is a new steel case would enclose the lithium-ion battery where in the case that the battery does happen to fail; the new steel box would be able to contain the explosion. On Friday, the company finally started their first tests to analyze their new battery system to confirm if this new complex system will fix their problems. Results will be sent to the Federal Aviation Administration for a green light to start flying the planes again. The tests are supposed to show that the new battery system is improved and works.

If the battery system and series of tests are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration then all the grounded planes would be able to resume flight. Passing the test is only the first step for the company to gain back the trust of flyers. Not only does the Boeing Company have to prove to travelers that the new system is safe but they also have to prove that they deserve a second chance. For many people flying is one of the biggest fear to overcome so the Boeing Company is going to have to put in a lot more effort.

Written by: Wilson Tang



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